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Ditch the pins: How to sew without pins

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Probably the most heated subject in the game of sewing might just be sewing without pins… Of course I decided to make a tutorial on just this topic.

Over 15 years ago I had a sewing dilemma… I wanted to make a pair of baby blue pleather pants and I knew I couldn’t use pins. I asked my college professor what I should do and she simply said;

Stop using pins to sew. You’ll never use them in the professional world.

Now, no judgements on my fashion sense 15 years go but it got me started with ditching the sewing pins and I. NEVER. LOOKED. BACK.

I feel sewing pins aren't necessary – just a tradition that we continue to use.

When I teach, O.G.’s to newbies, I skip the pin part – they never even know to miss them. Trust me, in the professional world of sewing, you won’t see seamsters using them because they take far too much time and when you’re sewing for profit it has to go.

Now, I of course realize you may be very attached to using pins. Perhaps the #slowfashion process might be your jam. That’s totally cool - no judgment here! Keep doing what you love!

BUT, If you’ve ever tried no-pin sewing and found it frustrating there might be some key information that no one is talking about.

Let’s talk about the Push & Pull Game that your sewing machine is doing. Yes, I am talking about the differential feed of the presser foot against the feed dogs and yes, you can adjust this (and should) based on your fabric but there’s still going to be a natural imbalance that happens.

Give the video a watch and see exactly what I’m talking about.

Have questions?! I’m always around to answer them.

Love the music?! Me too. It’s Noise Policy and their song Tweet This you can find it on Spotify




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