Quick Tip... Make Rolled Hem Corners Your Bitch

Updated: Apr 20

If you've ever sewn a corner with a rolled hem foot you know they can get a little evil and the fabric can either get stuck getting through your foot or it can push past the edge, leaving a hot mess.

Here's a quick little morsel of seamster knowledge for those that have this problem.

Start with some raw edges... at the desired corner and with your rolled hem foot ready to go, hem the first side. Don't forget, give that corner a quick 45ºish stay-stitch across the edge... It's going to help you get it into the foot.

After the first edge is sewn head for the second edge. This time you should start at the opposite edge of the corner you are working on. Start stitching down that second side.

When you nearing that corner you are looking to dominate, turn back the corner about 1/4" at a 45º angle. Keep stitching along and when your fabric rolls through the machine foot it will leave a sweet looking corner!

Now you've made that corner your bitch. Till next time Seamsters,


Looking for some tips on how to make a rolled hem? Follow my steps here for two different styles to get it.

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