8 Sewing Tips to Be a Badass Seamster - Sew & Tell Patterns

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

There are just some tricks that I think every seamster should know and implement in their everyday sewing ritual.

Why? Well, because I believe we shouldn't waste our time with silly tasks and instead, spend it on making more of things we love. Here's my list of 8 tricks that every seamster new or old school should use.

Rotary cutter and self healing mat
Just roll with it


Do yourself a favor and get a rotary cutter and self-healing mat, your hands will thank you! This will cut down on your cutting time significantly and helps if you are cutting on the floor. This method is way more efficient when cutting multiple layers of fabric all at once. (Just maybe you‘re like me so many years ago and needed to cut your small production runs?!) Another tip, buy a larger diameter rotary blade if you are cutting multiple layers. The bigger the blade diameter the thicker your layers can be.


Already loving that cutting mat but you've just cut something fuzzy, glittery or full of sequins? Then you've been left with a hot mess on your mat. My expert advice?!

Keep a lint roller handy and just like a kid's dropped lollipop, that sticky paper with pick up any and all furry grossness.

fabric weights
Just a few gravity challenged objects


Stop pinning your patterns to the fabric. It's a super sucker of time plus it's a major pain to pin through printer paper (like all those at-home patterns you have.) Instead use some fabric weights. There are things called Fabric Weights you can buy, but you don't have to. Anything gravity challenged can and should be used as a fabric weight. Soup cans, tape dispenser, books, a stapler... they can all be used. Get creative and leave pinning your pattern behind you.


Why cut something twice? Instead, cut a piece of fabric and fusible that will fit all of your pattern pieces that require interfacing. Fuse the interfacing and fabric together first, then lay your pieces out and cut (or roll!) Not only is this a time saver but now your pieces are perfectly matched and more precise.

sewing pins are out of style