Caftans & Cocktails with Iviye Patterns

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Who doesn’t love to lounge around in a flowing gown, drinking a fancy cocktail?!

– Now, that's a trend I can get behind.

Thanks Meg (@cookinandcraftin) and Loni (@havinsewmuchfun) for creating #caftansandcocktails2020, adding a twist this year and asking me to participate!

It was on a Caftans and Cocktails weekend that I discovered the Goddess Dress pattern by Iviye and I instantly knew it was the one! As a pattern maker myself, I wanted to know all about Iviye Patterns and I’m stoked that Lynn, the pattern maker and owner, let me do an interview with her.

Behold... The Goddess Dress

Ok… let’s get to it!

-When did you start making your own clothes and why did you get started?

Technically, I started designing my own clothes in elementary school and definitely by 7th grade. I remember being really into styling my outfits when I was about 7 or 8. My Mom is a seamstress, so I would come up with the ideas and she would sew them.

-What was your journey into pattern making like? Was there something that got you started drafting your own patterns?

I graduated from college with a B.A. in English but really wanted to pursue fashion. I decided to go to design school (Bauder College from back in the day) and began learning draping and pattern construction. I worked regular shmegular jobs, but would always create a collection on the side. Whether it was womenswear or handbags, I would test my skills with design and pattern making over the years. Most recently, I thought I really wanted to launch a handbag line. I knew that I loved EVERYTHING about fashion, So I wanted to start with women's clothing. I started learning about drafting patterns through Adobe Illustrator, a few years ago, as I was already using it for my branding and consulting business. Then, I decided to learn pattern making software and that's where I am today. Besides, paying for patterns became so expensive!

Meet Lynn

-As an Entrepreneur, I’ve always believed that a business owner has a sense of duty to create a product when we feel the market is missing something. What was missing for you that pushed you to create Iviye Patterns?

You are so right about that! I always thought there was a certain level of dryness to commercial patterns. I knew the sizing didn't reflect my body type, even in my slimmer days. LOL! So, that's the market that I target... women who want modern patterns in sizes and fit they can relate to.

-Iviye is such a unique name, does it have a personal meaning or origin?

My first name is Ivy, but I never use it. Only my teachers and people who don't know me would call me Ivy. But, I thought it was a great name for the line. I just wanted to tweak the spelling of it and that's what I did.

-Where do you find the most inspiration for your business and patterns?

My inspiration comes from the runways and also from vintage. I adore vintage and grew up visiting thrift shops with my Mom. I am also highly-inspired by prints, such as African, and amorphous shapes. I like to look at things and wonder how I can make it look different. In the coming months, my designs will go even more modern, as I mix shapes and silhouettes.