Sewing a Mitered Placket: Fast AF Mitered Placket Tutorial

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

The first time I saw this sewing technique for a mitered placket it BLEW MY MIND!!!! Obviously, I wasn’t alone because the video I posted went insane.

This sped up, 1 minute video was actually filmed in under two and half minutes! So this really is a fast AF placket technique. I know what you’re thinking,

“This is a lot to digest for such a life changing sewing video”

...and so I decided to slow things down and write up a blog post showing the tutorial with photographs for ya.

First things first, let’s take a hot minute and talk about the Miter Placket and it’s parts. Also known as a tailored placket, this badass bit of sewing is mostly seen on tailored men’s shirts along the sleeve cuff but it’s also used in women’s and children's wear too. It’s a great finish for a more traditional sleeve cuff but it can be used where any opening or venting might be needed, such as a neckline or even side seam vent. Tailors often call the top, overlapping pattern piece, The Gauntlet (what a cool name, huh?!) and the narrow binding, The Underband.

To make your life a little easier, I went ahead and developed a simple miter placket pattern for you. You can find it here. Great thing about this free placket pattern is that it can be applied to any project that might beckon a placket! No matter where you might find a place on your garment the steps to stitch this placket will be the same.

I should also mention… this technique is good for any mitered placket pattern with a similar shape. So keep on scrolling down and check out the Fast AF Mitered Placket Tutorial.

Step 1: Download that freebie Miter Placket Pattern. You can find it here

Step 2: Use the pattern to cut out your fabric and interfacing. You don’t have to use interfacing but traditionally in lighter fabrics it’s recommended.

If you are putting plackets on sleeves, make sure you cut 2 of each piece, mirroring the Gauntlet - Overband pieces.

Step 3: Cut a straight line into the main fabric that you are placing the placket into the same length as the Binding - Underband.

Step 4: Pre-press both the Gauntlet - Overband and the Binding - Underband, using the seam allowance on the pattern pieces. Pressing beforehand is key to sewing this fast AF!