What She's Made Of: Inspades Dress

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

What's the best fabric for the Inspades Dress?

She’s definitely full of sass but what is she made out of... Sugar? ....Spice?

She’s probably too naughty to be entirely nice... Just yesterday I got asked to recommend some fabrics for the Inspades Dress so I thought I would find a few fabrics that would be ideal for her.

The Inspades Dress is pretty versatile when it comes to knit fabrics, but depending on the fabric's stretch and drape, it could drastically change the look.

If you're looking for a fabric that has a lot of shape and you want the skirt to have lots of volume then start your hunt for a scuba or a ponte knit, such as this mustard colored ponte or reversible scuba in magenta and olive.

Want a softer drape and flowing skirt? Well then, start your search with light weight jersey's or ITY style knit fabric. These jerseys from Harts Fabric are great for the Inspades dress. The hemp jersey knit is a Harts favorite and who doesn't love Art Gallery's jersey? They feel so good and wash really well too!

One of my favorite fabrics for the Inspades dress is the Liverpool knits made by Telio. It has a decent amount of stretch but is closer to a ponte typically around 40% stretch and typically has some kind of texture to it which is a great alternative to using a print.