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Sewing a Rolled Hem Corner Sewing Tutorial - Sew & Tell Patterns

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Sewing Rolled Hem Corners

If you've ever sewn a rolled hem corner with a hemmer foot? Then you know they can get a little evil. The fabric gets stuck or it can push past the edge, leaving a hot mess.

Here's a quick little morsel of seamster knowledge for sewing up a narrow hem using a rolled hem presser foot.

Narrow Hem Corners with a Rolled Hem Presser Foot

These corners are often referred as napkin corner. The key to success is sewing our rolled hem in a specific order and direction. By starting and working out from the corner allows for you to control the corner easier.

Let's start at the desired corner. You will want your rolled hem foot on your sewing machine and ready to go. First, give that corner a quick 45ºish stay-stitch across the edge. Doing this will help you get the fabric into the rolled hem presser foot. Now, feed the fabric using those threads, wrong side up, through the presser foot. Allowing the foot to "roll" the fabric into itself. Sew the entire length of the hem.

Second, we are going to look at the opposite edge of the corner you are working on. Repeat the process of adding a 45º stay-stitched edge, start stitching down that second side.

Lastly, nearing that corner you are looking to dominate, turn back the corner about 1/4" at a 45º angle. Keep stitching along and when your fabric rolls through the machine foot it will leave a sweet looking corner!

Wasn’t that just satisfying?! Itsn't it totally badass to learn to use our hemmer foot in new ways? Hopefully, these finicky rolled hem corners will be easy peasy from now on.

See you next time Seamster,


Looking for some tips on how to make a rolled hem? Follow my steps here for two different styles to get it.





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