Fabric Buying Guide: best Fabric for the Madcap Jacket

a back picture of the Madcap Jacket pdf sewing pattern

We as sewists all know the pain that comes from choosing the wrong fabric. Sometimes, with a little insight those fabrics have the ability to work with some tweaking to adapt the fit.

Generally knowing how a sewing pattern performs with different fabrics can take some time and experimentation. That’s why we rely on recommendations from a pattern and/or the designer, taking some of the guessing out.

A list of suitable fabrics for the Madcap Jacket pdf sewing pattern
Fabric suggested listed with the Woven Madcap Jacket

The number one question I get in emails is regarding fabric selection. Of course, the pattern I get asked most often about is, The Madcap Jacket.

I think The Madcap Jacket is really versatile and the list of potential fabrics is loooooonnnnng. Especially when you consider there’s a woven and a knit pattern version!

I’m going to lay out some fabric suggestions and discuss how a particular fabric might react when sewn. Hopefully taking some of the guesswork out for you. Knowing how a fabric will stretch, wear, drape and react is key to selecting a fabric for any project but especially The Madcap Jacket.

Madcap Jacket sewing pattern being worn by Jenn Barron in a grey boucle fabric
A recent Madcap Jacket make in a medium weight boucle suiting.

Light to Medium Weight Woven Fabrics

This is a HUGE category and might include fabrics like:

  • Poplin

  • Linen

  • Silk

  • Crepes

  • Georgettes

  • Tencel

  • Denim

  • Gabardines

  • Suitings

Within this massive category, it’s important to take into consideration the drape of the fabric. The Madcap can work both as a structured jacket or as a high drape garment.

Light weight twill tencel fabric in a bold print
When choosing a fabric, consider it's drape and how you want it to fit.