When You Say Yes @ The Fabric Store: Off Color Tunic Revamp

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

A few weeks ago I snuck out of my house (sans family) on a Saturday and hit up one of my local Chi-Town fabric stores.

On this particular Saturday instead of meeting a client or pulling swatches or frantically running in to grab a few yards of whatever the hell I just ran out of at the last minute - my usual weekly M.O. I got to walk in, caress the textiles and allow myself to daydream. I'm pretty sure I paced the isles 10+ times, the staff was beginning to stare.

I couldn't stop myself from pulling all the rich colors and prints, creating a new collection in my mind...

It. Was. Thrilling.

pdf sewing pattern hack Off Color Tunic

I had been toying with the idea of recreating some of my existing patterns. I'm constantly on the creative move because I am impatient, and since I’m months away from getting any new patterns published (which is excruciating!) my mind was in the space of revamping current patterns – I'm sure it had a lot to do with needing to update my fall wardrobe too!

Who doesn't want a fresh closet with a new season?!

A great pattern has endless opportunities for reinvention.

I've always thought a great pattern has endless opportunities for reinvention and considered most patterns as a jumping off point. A good place to start so you end up with a sweet new garment with less frustration than starting from scratch.

We all require tweaks and adjustments because, let's face it, not every pattern is going to fit every body perfectly. So, reinventing a new style out of an old pattern isn't much different than a simple pattern adjustment. Hacking an old pattern is fun, easy AND you get a new creation.

So, short story long, that leads me to this latest #sewrevamp hack of the Off Color Tunic.

pdf sewing pattern hack Off Color Tunic

Not so sure I can call her a tunic anymore since this version I chopped several inches off her hem but oh well… that’s her name.

This hack was insanely easy and had a great result, so just follow along with me.

First, start off with View C of the Off Color Tunic PDF sewing pattern. This is third solid version of this pattern with no seams on the front or the back.

Now, I used the shorten or lengthen line for measuring off of but this could totally change if you want something shorter/longer. I just knew this line fell at the same place on both the front and the back pattern pieces and required less measuring to make sure the front and back side seams matched!