Sew Along: Madcap Jacket Round one

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

This jacket sewing pattern has been with me a LONG time. I have sewn one in just about every color knit I could find and even a tweedy woven (gasp!)

It's so super cool, easy to throw on with just about anything and instantly gains compliments. What more could you want?

While I rarely sit down to sew something and not finish it the same day, but this jacket pattern is a great project to compartmentalize and sew in sections too.

I recommend using a medium to heavy knit for this pattern. You can use a lighter weight fabric but you will loose some of the structure that the medium weight will give.

Madcap Jacket
Rocking my Giuda "Wild Tiger Woman" tee under my Madcap Jacket.

Sew, join me (ha!) in seeing just how I made the navy blue version I rock out here with a sweet band t-shirt.

Side note: If you've never heard of Giuda, you should check them out. Amazing group out of Italy. I usually don't miss a show anytime they are in Chicago.

Ok... back to the sewing.

Step 1: Fold that seam allowance down

Let's get this party started with working on the back of the jacket.

Grab all three of the back Back Overlay pieces and lets press down the seam allowance on those babies (BTW that's 1/2".)

You will press both long sides of the Top and Middle overlay pieces but just one side of the Bottom Overlay.

Step 2: Top stitch your overlays on

Next, place those overlay pieces on your Center Back piece. There are notches for where each overlay pieces will go... make sure you use them.

Go ahead and give those overlays a sweet top-stitch along the edge of the overlay pieces.