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Willo Pattern Sew Along: Sewing Video Tutorial

Here it is, the last days of summer and I’m finally getting The Willo Pattern sew along video completed. It’s been a hectic few months of juggling client projects, kids and life, not to mention, an entire Willo reshoot! (insert facepalm here)

Yes, that’s right. I actually shot the Willo sew along video… twice.

Jenn, why would you do that?!

Well, let me tell you all about it. So, when I was making the final samples before catapulting the Willo into pattern testing I a great thought,

“I should film while I make these. Then my sew along video will be shot… I’m a genius!”

And it was a genius move… for a brief moment.

During the pattern testing process a lot of the instructions shifted around in order. Which was fine because it was based on tester feedback and I know it was for the better. BUT, and it was a big but... that meant the original footage felt out of order and just confusing visually against the new and improved, user tested instructions.

So, here we are. Round two is complete and, on the upside, I have an additional minty Willo romper and a delish pink Willo blouse. I’ve been them sporting all summer long too but best part is I have a fresh new Willo Pattern Sew Along for you all!

This video tutorial is going to take you through all the sewing steps from start to finish for all three views of The Willo Pattern. There's a lot that I walk through in the video and with 3 separate views I didn't want to spend time repeating instructions.

So, I organized it just like the pattern instructions, where I walk you step-by-step through an All Views section, Views A & B (aka jumpsuit or romper), View C the blouse and then wrapping things with the finishing touches, like hem finishes and closures.

Feel free to watch it all or skip to the parts you need the most help with. I just hope you enjoy watching and that it helps with any tricky steps. As always, hit me with your questions below or send me a message!




Jenn Barron

A pattern specialist, master seamster and digital badass. Jenn establishes a place where creativity, authenticity and sewing meet, helping make all the things so that you can  be you.

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